An update on our tech habits

On average, Greeks possess 1.7 technological devices. 35-50 y.o. are determined to “go with the flow” and compete with younger audiences in technology devices possession.

Focusing on apps, each user has downloaded approximately 4 types of apps, with social media and gaming apps being universally appealing across age groups.

But, technology is also changing the way we are getting informed, with social media establishing itself as key sources of news. Let’s take a closer look . . .

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Cooking habits revisited

If somebody asked you a few years ago what "ratatouille" is, it would be highly unlikely for you to know the answer. Today, chances are you have already experimented with numerous ratatouille recipes in your kitchen. The meaning of cooking for Greeks is changing. And so are the motives which drive men and women in the kitchen. Creativity and inspiration are key words in the cooking vocabulary of Greeks, with a breadth of on & off line sources battling for the attention of the "new breed of chefs". But how do brands stand in this new cooking reality? Is their presence enchanting enough to make consumers relate?

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