Data quality controls in the automation age

Data quality controls in the automation age

By:  Vassilis Moustakoudis The time has come to finally address the issue of market research data controls in this new “online era”.  Moving from traditional data collection methodologies to the […]

Consumers in 2020

2018 has smoothed out the rough edges in people's hearts & minds. The quest for perfectionism is a thing of the past. Today, we are starting to reconnect to our […]

An update on our tech habits

On average, Greeks possess 1.7 technological devices. 35-50 y.o. are determined to “go with the flow” and compete with younger audiences in technology devices possession. Focusing on apps, each user […]

Cooking habits revisited

If somebody asked you a few years ago what "ratatouille" is, it would be highly unlikely for you to know the answer. Today, chances are you have already experimented with numerous […]