We are a full service market research agency, offering solutions for the entire spectrum of our client’s needs: market exploration and insights | innovation | brand strategy | shopper experience | communication

Our services range from traditional research techniques to more disruptive methodologies such as…

Insiders’ communities image.

Insiders’ communities

expert panels with longitudinal conversations to dwell into the life of specific audiences and capture change when and where it happens

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Flash immersions

bursts of fast and reliable quantitative runs with results available in 24 hours to support quick yet sound decision making

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Live broadcast

netnographies which put you in the shoes of your consumer, as they capture behavior and visually bring it to life … as it happens

Implicit tests image.

Implicit tests

free from any rational biases, implicit tests detect at a subconscious level the most instinctive associations people hold towards your brand, communication, pack etc.

Emotion measurement image.

Emotion measurement

the measurement of human emotions through facial expressions allows for an in-depth understanding of the subconscious reactions of your audiences towards given stimuli. Hence, it allows you to determine in an accurate way the impact your advertising, pack etc. is likely to have on your targets

Eye tracking image.

Eye tracking

a sensor technology that captures the point of gaze, thus, identifies what attracts your target eyes in shelves, packs, ads or webpages…all fast and easy from their own computers or smartphone, anytime, anywhere