We are a team of senior researchers who share the same passion for what we do.


Vivi Ordolis

Brand Strategy

Vivi is what you call a multi-tasker. She is an artist, a chef, a farmer, a happy house manager and a social media aficionado, but above all she’s a pure blood researcher. She recently made her debut to the artistic world with her first exhibition of paintings and rumors have it that she made quite a buzz. She promises to color up and add her personal touch to each and every project, taming her surrealistic instincts. With 28 years of experience in brand handling and development, she is the team’s expert in driving your brand to success.Vivi has a degree in Sociology & Psychology from McGill University.

Sofia Hilary

Development & International Reach

From the very first contact with Sofia one can clearly understand that she dislikes convention. She has been avoiding the easy way all her life, experimenting with undiscovered paths. Six years ago, she packed her things and found herself in Hoxton, London. A few months ago, while on vacations in Greece with the love of her life, her adorable son Antony, she realized that she wanted her baby boy to grow up the Greek way. So, turning her back to what one would call a much safer zone to work, she decided to move back to turmoil Greece, reuniting with old research colleagues. Sofia has been working in market research companies, both in Greece and the UK for 17 years, servicing international clients from LATAM to Asia, with strong expertise in healthcare research. No wonder why she is responsible for making the research hive known to the world.

Yianna Drakou

Design & Intelligence

Yianna is a proud mother of two teenage daughters. As she says… Having raised two tough cookies, nothing can scare me. She has never missed a rock concert in her life. She has
travelled through Greece & Europe with antique classic cars along with her husband with whom she shares the same passion. She has even won herself a few cups as female driver in regularity races. Yianna is committed to keep the precision of her driving in her work but at the speed of Formula 1 With 20 years of experience in market research, Yianna is the
numerical expert of the hive team, interpreting data with qualitative flair. Yianna holds a degree in Psychology & Sociology from the American College of Greece (Deree).

Vaso Griva

Quality & Data Collection

Vaso has never visited Tibet, nor has she taken any yoga classes and even if you ask her about the yin and yang she knows vaguely what these terms stand for. Yet, she has the inner peace of a Tibet monk, the confidence of a Chinese acrobat balancing on a tight rope. Vaso is a proud mother of 2 cheeky boys and a beautiful daughter, she is a full time employee but never says no to a good outing with friends, a night bicycle ride with her husband, while recently she started tai chi lessons. She is the balancing link to the hive team, taking care of our zen and making sure that the energy in our work keeps flowing Vaso has been working in market research for 15 years as a field supervisor with a clear qualitative flair. She holds a degree in Marketing & Public Relations from SBS.

Vaso Katsakiori

Office Management

Vaso is a science fiction addict, adores Tolkin and is looking forward to season 5 Game of Thrones. You may spot her at Monastiraki on a Sunday morning browsing through second hand little treasures. She made sure our offices bear a touch of retro feel, yet as far as office organization is concerned, her fixation to take us into the future prevails. Vaso has been
working in the Market Research for the last 16 years, in the areas of office management & administration. She holds a degree in Associate Applied Sciences from Deree College and is
currently attending Open University in the Field of European Culture.

Vassilis Moustakoudis

Operations & Finance

Vasilis enjoys doing things early on. He earned his first money when he was at high school, during summer break, collecting tobacco in his father’s fields. He was the youngest football player in the local team with an unbeatable record as a goal keeper. He finished university in only 3 years and by the age of 25 he was already married to the love of his life. Vassilis felt it was about time he took on new challenges. He joined the hive team with the promise of delivering results ahead of time and with supreme quality. Vassilis has been working in market research for 25 years and has lived the entire spectrum of data collection and operations. He holds a degree in Philosophy from University of Athens.

Marianna Argyropais

Analysis & Interpretation

Marianna’s professional fate was pretty much predetermined. Her mother has been working in market research for years and even though Marianna had the dream of becoming an architect, she found herself inexplicably drawn to research as she grew up.She has been working in market research for 7 years, with strong experience in quantitative methodologies, yet flirting with qualitative in every chance she gets. Marianna is dedicated to bringing insightful interpretations to numerical analysis and expanding the hive live platform in the pursuit of more meaningful and realistic studies.

Takis Bouras

Field & Data Processing

Takis is a sea lover. Apt user of spear gun, self-taught water skier dreams about buying his own speed boat. Getting his speed boat driver license recently, brought him a step closer to fulfilling his dream. So did teaching his son how to fish. Patience & discipline are the 2 ground rules that Takis has learned from his years as fisherman, which he has been implementing during his 19 years professional term in market research. Takis has studied Computer Programming and has worked as Data Processing Supervisor in many Greek Market Research Agencies. The new challenge for Takis here at the research hive is to maximize quality & accelerate the collection and processing of data based on the technological capacities of the hive live platform.