• We focus
    on the “now”

  • We fuse

  • We provide
    real time results

Who we are

We are a team of senior researchers with passion, tools and strategic minds, working together to help our clients grow and thrive!

What we do

We uncover truths where and when things happen, helping our clients be a step ahead of what’s to come.

We develop new inspiring ways of interacting with consumers, adapting our approaches to the way people today experience life.

We are constantly in motion, adjusting and evolving to take research to the next level.

We believe in a flexible and collaborative approach to solving business challenges together.

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How we do it

Via hive live a privately owned flexible and engaging end to end online platform designed exclusively by the research hive to meet the emerging needs of today’s consumer.

The Heart of hive live beats in unlimited…

Unlimited connectivity icon.

Unlimited connectivity…

works both on and offline so as not to miss a thing of what matters.

Unlimited number of projects icon.

Unlimited number of projects…

that can run simultaneously for timely results.

Unlimited sharing of real time results icon.

Unlimited time…

live 24/7 to offer seamless connectivity with consumers.

Unlimited time icon.

Unlimited sharing of real time results…

for fast decisions.

Unlimited reach icon.

Unlimited reach…

omni-screen use that goes beyond boundaries of time and space.