• Enlivening Insights

  • At the research hive we believe in inspired participants and enlightened clients

  • Hive live is our easy and fun to use platform that people can integrate in their every day lives

Who we are

We are a team of senior researchers who share the same passion for what we do.
We enjoy challenging ourselves. We aim at taking research to the next level.

  • Vivi Ordolis

    Brand Strategy

  • Sofia Hilary

    Development & International Reach

  • Yianna Drakou

    Design & Intelligence

  • Vaso Griva

    Quality & Data Collection

  • Vaso Katsakiori

    Office Management

  • Vassilis Moustakoudis

    Operations & Finance

  • Marianna Argyropais

    Analysis & Interpretation

  • Takis Bouras

    Field & Data Processing

What we do

We enliven insights for our clients, helping them to be a step ahead of what’s to come.

We develop new inspiring ways of interacting with our consumers, adapting our approach to the way that they experience life.

We make sure that our clients have an on going intimate experience with customers.

How we do it

We cherish our consumers

We bring them up front and make the best out of their “researcher” qualities

We get to know them very well, what we see is people, not just consumers

We make sure to keep them happy and engaged to maximize their contribution

We shape creative unions

We diminish the gap between stakeholders, bringing together researchers, clients and consumers

We bring out the best of each party to achieve meaningful interpretations that decode tomorrow

We are always on our toes

We have our antennas open to capture things as they happen

We stretch research capabilities to tune in to consumers’ thoughts, emotions and acts

research solutions

We are a full service market research agency, offering solutions for the entire spectrum of our client’s needs : market exploration & insights | innovation | brand strategy | shopper experience | communication

hive labs

make sure that your ideas are born and flourish within an insight blooming habitat.

roadshow workshops

live the consumer truths and put it into action in less than 24 hrs.

insiders communities

trace undiscovered paths and shape new futures for your brand.

quant fiction

allow yourself to feel the vibe behind the numbers.

hive brand pix

maximize the impact of your brand in today’s visual world.


be sure never to miss a moment, a smile, a sigh in the life of your audience.

Thinking people

True insights lay in researching people as an entity, no just their role as consumers


Client, researcher, consumers working “hand in hand” magnifies value beyond the sum of parties involved

Capturing now

Future happens by unlocking the now, playback is just half the story

Our 6 pillars

Ongoing conversations

Longitudinal engagement with people is much more enlightening than sporadic snapshots

Superior data quality

Exhaustive efforts in processes, training and controls guarantee accuracy of results.


Instantaneous access to robust information and insights give our client timely edge

Hive Buzz

Data quality controls in the automation age

Data quality controls in the automation age

By:  Vassilis Moustakoudis The time has come to finally address the issue of market research data controls in this new “online era”.  Moving from traditional data collection methodologies to the […]


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