Data quality controls in the automation age

By:  Vassilis Moustakoudis

The time has come to finally address the issue of market research data controls in this new “online era”.  Moving from traditional data collection methodologies to the new online reality, brings to life the need to revise data quality controls.   Taking into account that the traditional quality controls methods cannot be valid in the case of online research, the only way to ensure quality procedures, is through technology and its ability to be “live” at all times.  The reliability of the respondents in online research can only be ensured through automated controls embedded in the same software used for conducting the actual research. This possibility, fortified by controlling “live” at all times can ensure the reliability of market research process.

At the research hive, our priority is to guarantee data quality. Within this framework, we have applied an online audit procedure that controls 24/7 the collected data in terms of quality and reliability of respondents.  For every project we create “control reports”, where, by monitoring the discrepancy between the data, the hivelive platform software automatically ensures the quality of the market research process. If respondent’s answers do not have a cohesive consistency between them, they are not calculated in the final results. Also, when the required time to complete the questionnaire deviates considerably from the average completion time, our “live” supervisor excludes the respondent from our online panel.  This automated and real time quality control process is feasible through our hive live platform and ensures 100% level of acceptable data quality collection standards.

The automation offered by technology intelligence to market research agencies, ensures the high level of their services, helping their clients to further develop their products & services.