«Mobile Research» – a world in motion

Research in Greece has recently entered the era of technology. The time consuming pen and paper process is now a thing of the past, while the time and effort traditionally required in the preparation, execution, collection and processing of data has now been replaced by the speed, reliability and quality of Computer assisted interviewing | CAPI technology.
But, is CAPI the true evolution in research today? does it truly enhance performance? or does it create different kind of tradeoffs?
Even though interviewing via CAPI (laptop) has solved many problems vis a vis traditional PAPI, it continues to encompass serious issues which restrict the productivity of the interviewers.
More specifically,

  • The morphology of the laptop assumes that the interview will be conducted inside the respondents’ home. However, in reality most f2f interviews are conducted with the interviewer standing up, outside the household door, or even on the street in the case of exit interviews.
  • The short autonomy of laptops hinders the work of the interviewer, as access to electrical power is not always given.
  • The weight of the laptop is yet another burden to the interviewer.

The above result in restrictions as regards speed and validity of data as well as in reduced productivity.

So how can problems which stem from the use of laptop be overcome?
The solution today is found in the technology of Android Software Applications for mobile devices (Tablet – Smartphone).
The future of research is in «Mobile»... as mobile captures the “now” as it happens, free of any restrictions. Mobile research enables us to capture the world in motion, and in doing so, opens new possibilities for the evolution of research in general.
Over the last years, the research hive has invested in this new technology, designing and developing its own software program which covers the entire range of research methodologies.
Under the umbrella of our privately owned platform “hive live”, it is now possible to apply different methodological approaches (even in the same research) via web | online and offline but also through mobile technology.
The advantages of “hive live” are multiple and include …

  • Unlimited number of interviewers: “hive live” is a platform specially designed to address the 3 fundamental values of the research hive, namely; accuracy, speed and flexibility. “hive live” is free of licenses, hence, it can accommodate an unlimited number of interviewers working in parallel to offer our clients ultimate efficacy and speed.
  • Ease of use: the flexibility and lightweight nature of tablets |smartphones facilitate the interviewing process by ensuring a more “comfortable” and thus, more productive and accurate interviewing result.
  • Autonomy of devices: unlike laptops, tablets and smartphones have batteries which facilitate continuous use for more than 24 hrs.
  • Efficacy: questionnaires and test material are loaded automatically on the device through our software. Questionnaire completion can be conducted online or offline… hence, facilitating interviewing even in areas with no internet connection… the data can be dispatched fast and easy either real time, or when the device finds an internet connection
  • Real time updates: connection to “hive live” provides all parties involved with real time updates on the field progress, while it allows instantaneous checking and confirmation on the work of the interviewers. Moreover, “hive live” offers clients online access to real time data in the form of cumulative reports
  • Training: via our service “hive on air”, all training sessions are held through our platform online, simultaneously and without restrictions as to the location of the parties involved. All stakeholders …interviewers, supervisors and clients …can participate in the briefing session through live video streaming. This allows for an interactive process amongst all stakeholders and ensures an alignment of the team to the requirements of each project.
  • Uploading of material: mobile technology allows us to “upload” audio visual material (photos, videos, music) not only on the interviewer’s device but from the part of the respondent as well at any point in the questionnaire.

In parallel to interviews conducted by interviewers, “hive live” mobile platform is also accessible to the research hive panelists, who can participate in quantitative and qualitative projects via mobile devices.
Via “hive live” platform, the respondent – panelist,

  • Can participate in the research from any location (wherever he|she is)
  • Is immediately informed on new research or new questions on ongoing studies, via the application installed on his smartphone | tablet or via SMS
    Thus allowing for,
  • Access to information the moment it happens
  • Speed of response

Lastly, capitalizing on the development of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, we have added onto “hive live mobile” the ability to record the exact location of the respondent when filling in the interview and the depiction of this location on Google map

With the help of new technologies offered by mobile devices we can best capture the new reality and best record and understand the “world on the move”.