hivelive platform photoHive Live is an easy and fun to use platform that people can integrate in their everyday lives and use instinctively via PC, tablet or smartphone 24/7, even when they don’t have access to their e-mail, via an SMS mechanism.
Inspired by the way people live, express themselves and interact today, we at the research hive, created our own “exclusive” online platform  with the scope of creating ongoing conversations with consumers and unveiling qualitative insights from numerical data.
Our hive live platform gives us increased flexibility and advanced reflexes when responding to clients’ requests, while the availability of real time reporting, as the project unfolds, gives our clients a timely edge.
Hive Live is designed to accommodate for samples ranging from 10-10,000 consumers, participating in a wide range of methodological approaches from netnography and bulletin boards to web cati and quant fiction, while clients can follow the entire process from the comfort of their own desks.
Top priority for us is to take all cautions and apply multi-level controls to verify the authenticity of data provided and identification of respondents.

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