We proudly present Inspiration Lab, our new interactive & creative workspace designed to meet the enhanced needs of our clients, beyond traditional research.

The key axes of the Inspiration Lab architecture are stimulation, transformability and adaptability, offering a tailor made solution depending on the client’s unique request.

If you are looking to organize a creative workshop that will engage a large number of stakeholders in an atmosphere that can sparkle up imagination and boost creative thinking, Inspiration Lab is what you are looking for.
In a space of 75 square meters, including a big hall that can host up to 20 participants and 2 separate working areas, with 2 LED high definition 50 inches screens, 3 blackboard walls and wi-fi connection, Inspiration Lab invites you to spend with your team a day to remember. Our specially trained moderators will make sure to adjust and develop techniques that will meet your request, working hand in hand with you in every step of the process, while safeguarding that attendees will benefit the most from the workshop session and enjoy this experience.

For more info, please, contact vordolis@theresearchhive.gr