On line qualitative encompasses an array of research solutions, such as:


Ethnographic on line diaries

The best way to understand consumer behavior, shopping practices and relationship with brands. Tracking consumer behavior across a specific time span, allows for the most inspiring interpretations on what actually drives consumers’ choices and decisions.


Insiders Communities

Catching up on a systematic base with our on line panels of category “passionate” consumers gives us the competitive edge in understanding what is to come in each field.


Bulletin boards & forums

On line discussions are more “instinctive” for consumers, as they represent the natural context in which they converse. Setting up on line discussions is a very successful way of producing insights, as they capture not only peoples’ views and opinions, but also the new expressive modes in which consumers’ converse today.



On line is the new enhanced ethnography, which offers unfiltered factual observations, without the intervention of the moderator. Consumers log in to the hive live platform via their smartphones and upload photos and videos on specific tasks, allowing us to watch the world through their eyes.