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hive-labshive labs

Co creation today is a reality. Consumers are trained and eager to contribute with their ideas on new products & brand activation. But, how effectively does research use the co creative skills of the consumer today?

Hive labs is a parallel consumer reality check which engages consumers to what the brand wishes to do, rendering them the role of observants, reviewers, inspirators and critics to all brand initiatives as they evolve

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roadshow-workshopsroadshow workshops

Workshops is the opportunity that researchers and clients usually have to interact beyond the research context. Yet , most of the time workshops stay within the walls of our offices, missing life out there. As a result, the impact of workshops usually fades out the day after.

Roadshow workshops is the way to create for the clients unforgettable moments with their consumers and with aspects of their brands that they did not know about

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insiders communities

Discussing with consumers can be quite revealing. But there are times you feel that the things you are hearing are not that surprising, as if people are following the category news than leading the way. So where are the news coming from? Where can you get your inspiration from?

Insiders communities are communals of consumers who have a certified passion on a specific category and an acknowledged appetite to share it with us. We just follow their traces to discovering new paths

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hive-brand-pixhive brand pix

In the social media world, the importance of pictures as conveyors of messages for the brands becomes of outmost importance. People respond to visuals in a more instinctive, instantaneous manner and the truth is that brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text. Do brands know how their brand promise is translated into pixels? What is the way to engage your consumers and relate with them via pictures?

Hive brand pix is a visual brand essence study, fully immersed to the way consumers express themselves today. The research hive works with specialized semioticians offering you the most powerful way to unlock your consumer hearts and relate with them at a deeper level

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quant fiction

Have you thought of a quant that sounds like consumers talking about themselves rather than hiding behind charts? Everyone enjoys a good story, in fact, storytelling represents one of the most intuitive forms of communication and sharing of knowledge & wisdom.

Quant fiction is the new self narrative approach to questionnaire design, that goes beyond measurement of stated behavior to reflection of personal stories in true consumer language.

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Never before had people had at their disposal so many expressive means to capture and share their thoughts, their feelings, their experiences. But how certain are we that we are not only grasping mere aspects of consumers’ lives when interacting with them on specific places and for specific timings, missing out this blooming of information produced?

Netnography is an enhanced ethnography made feasible via the hive live platform developed by the research hive team, safeguarding a 24/7 on line contact with consumer experience

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