Are we falling out of love with brands?

Well, it’s hard to say. According to the research hive study, 1 in 2 consumers admit not being emotionally attached to any brand in the super market. Instead, they claim to have a number of brands that they trust and prefer. This is especially so for the youngest (18-24 y.o.) & the eldest targets (55-65 y.o).

Trying to find the answers amongst those brand lovers, we were surprised to see that rational criteria had entered the love equation. A brand that has good value for money (even if it doesn’t offer the best possible quality) has high chances of winning consumers hearts.

Love is one thing yet loyalty is another. Only 24% stay loyal to the brand they love, purchasing it every single time. The rest decide to take their chances with other temptress brands

It seems that a brand today cannot but take into consideration the need to facilitate consumers, enabling them to enjoy the brand that they love in their everyday life.

On the other hand, consumers were in position to detect inspiring brands, brands they may not embrace in their everydayness, but hold admiration for them. What were those most motivating brand features? Younger targets appreciate design, style and fit to own lifestyle. We have indications that escapism, uniqueness and positive mood is a trigger for 25-34.

Older targets appreciate trust & reliability, while economy re-appears as an inspiring element for 55-64, who seem to maintain a flatter relationship with brands vs other targets.