Generation Y Part II: Reaching out to Generation Y

So what are the key words to have in mind when addressing Generation Y?

Causes: Generation Y bond better to brands that support social causes. This generation need to feel good about brands they buy, and feeling good with brands today has shifted from how the brand makes me look . . .to what story the brand tells about me as a person.

Process: Generation Y relate more to the way products are designed and build rather than the product itself. So let them in behind the scenes, show them how the product is actually made. . .or in the best case . . .ask their advice, and co-create together.

24/7: this generation will not wait for tomorrow. When they seek information or even to buy a products, this has to be now! So stay connected, make products available to them the moment they want them.

Experiences: Generation Y are dedicated to living their life to the fullest, that’s why they respond best to brand that promise them a “once in a lifetime experience”.

Future: this generation is not interested in what you have done in the past, in fact past glories are often scrutinized by Generation Y as “those that brought us here”. So think ahead and promise them how your brand will enrich their life in the near future.

Understate: Generation Y thrive on being the first to discover and share. So be discrete about your brand, understate its worth and allow Generation Y the joy of discovering your brand themselves. The impact of their voice will be worth what you understate.

Bite sized info: this generation can pay attention to and digest only bite sized information. So consider the length of your message or posts. Be concise and to the point.

Transparency: Generation Y are great at reading behind the lines. So be transparent, be yourself, look them in the eye and tell them your true brand story.

Freebies: Generation Y love giveaways, and they want instant gratification. Offer them something free or at little costs that they can take away right now.

Talk digital: Generation Y live a connected life. So make sure your website is always up to date and accessible. Respond promptly and in their text language, take the initiative to direct them to other sources of information on the Web and stay on top of your online reputation.

Pictures: Generation Y live in a visual world, a world in which your brand ought to have an identity if it is to address the specific generation. So say your brand story in pictures, and consider visual context if your are to communicate and bond with this generation.