Experimentalists or anxious value seekers?

1 in 2 people are likely to place new products in their basket during a visit to the super market.

If we were to interpret these figures a few years ago, we may be discussing about experience seeking consumers, eager to discover and embrace the new and inspiring.

But, within today’s context, what could be the conclusions drawn?

Could this mean that as we distance ourselves from brands, we are becoming more open to new in the lookout for more value for money propositions? Promos and offers account for 25% of new products trial.

Could it also mean that we are in need for unique and novel propositions that make us feel that things are moving forward despite the crisis? Uniqueness & novelty enchant 25-34 y.o targets. Especially if the new proposition is presented in an impactful manner on shelf which can convince 20% of trialists

For sure, the presence of kids in household is a crucial factor of trial. 65% of parents with younger kids have bought a new product in the last couple of weeks.

Friends’ advice and suggestions persuaded 2 in 10 consumers to try out a new product, a percentage marginally higher than TV advertising.

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